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A guide to Papier's pens and pencils

The trusty tools we love for little notes and long letters

A guide to Papier's pens and pencils

From ink flows inspiration. Whether you love scribbling lists or you’re devoted to drawing, we have new writing utensils for every sort of paper person. From colorful pencil sets to extra special fountain pens, simply pair with a page for endless possibilities.

Here’s our guide to the Papier pens and pencils that will keep your ideas flowing.

Pens for journaling

When filling in a journal, it’s important to let your thoughts and feelings flow freely. A rollerball pen allows your hand to glide effortlessly across the page, letting your mind wander or focus as you see fit. Our Groove rollerball has a ribbed texture for a comfortable grip, while our Wave rollerball is smooth with a fun wavy clip. Both pens feel wonderfully weighty in the hand and can be treasured forever with our ink refills. Pairs perfectly with our wellness journals, gratitude journals and recipe journals.


Pencils for quick sketches

For a pencil that’s always sharp, you can’t go past our Click-And-Write pencil. With no need for a sharpener and complete with a hidden eraser on the end, all you need is a blank page. It’s refillable, and works well with our plain, lined or dotted notebooks.

Pencils for bright days

For words you want to cheer for, our Pom Pom pencil is perfect. With a fun pom-pom end, it brings a little joy to any pen pot – perfect for pencilling fun party plans, exciting to-dos or any notes that need a sense of occasion.

If you’re looking to add some color to your page, our Color Away colouring pencils are for budding artists and big thinkers alike. With 12 rainbow hues, you can experiment with artistic expression, let colors represent your feelings or simply scribble away.


Pens for letter writing and notecards

Penning words to loved ones deserves an extra-special pen. Our pens have a smooth shape and weighty feel, perfect for letting your very best handwriting flow. The refillable design means you can feel fancy whenever you write to your nearest and dearest – from quick thank you notecards to extra long letters of love.

Pens to take on-the-go

When you’re out and about, it’s always a good idea to carry a pen. Whether you need to fill in a form, write a quick reminder or note down a new plan, our mini pens are here to help. Little but loveable, our Mini ballpoints are fun and easy to use, in two happy hues – blue or pink. For a luxurious writing experience wherever you are, our Mini fountain pens give that extra satisfying scroll of pen on paper and feel wonderfully weighty in the hand. Pop them in your bag or pocket to pen scribbles by the sea or to-dos on the train – the perfect companion to our pocket diaries.

Pens for bullet journaling

Our Quintet fineliners add fun to every page with five bright hues – green, blue, peach, purple and navy. For bullet journaling, use a different colour for timetables and to-do lists or cartoons and calligraphy. In a reusable pouch, you can keep them together forever. For the ultimate bullet journaling kit, pair them with our dotted notebooks and Pretty Sticky washi tape.


Excited to put pen to paper? Check out all of our delightful pens and pencils.

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