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A letter to my sister with Liv & Dom

Artists and twins Liv & Dom write each other letters filled with love

A letter to my sister with Liv & Dom

Ceramicists and illustrators Liv & Dom share an unbreakable bond – sisterhood. The identical twins are creative collaborators, living and working together to create hand-sculpted ceramics and decorative prints that celebrate the female body. As pals of Papier, they’ve also created joyful and freeing stationery designs, so you can have a little Liv & Dom magic on your desk. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve asked them to pen letters to each other, sharing what makes their sisterly connection so special. It’s the first time the sisters have written to each other, and the words they wrote will warm your heart.

Dom's letter to Liv


For some reason sitting down to write this letter is quite hard, our sisterly bond is a constant part of our lives, so it seems weird to write about it as if it’s anything at all interesting or important! I’m sure you feel the same way (we usually do)!

Having you as a twin sister is having a soulmate (sorry to my lovely boyfriend!). It really is so valuable to have someone who truly understands you, I never feel alone. This is the best part about our twin bond, such a rare thing to have from birth, when most people search for it through their lives – aren’t we lucky!

That tiny paragraph has already tested the limits of both my creative writing and sentimentality, neither of which are our strong suits. To balance it out I now give you a fairly unimaginative selection of unrelated thank yous…

Thank you for being my rock when I was so sick I could barely move, you were and always will be the best at looking after me (sorry again to boyfriend).

Thank you for persevering with me to make our aspirations of being full time artists a reality, I maintain to this day that we couldn’t have done it alone.

Thank you for being, in my opinion, the driving creative force behind our artwork.

Thank you for letting me share all your beautiful, unique clothes, you really are second to none at sourcing second-hand pieces from eBay and charity shops – it’s a real skill and my wardrobe would be nothing without you!

Love you more than I can express in letter form

Dom x


Liv's letter to Dom

Dear Dom,

The last time I wrote you a letter we were probably about 3 years old, playing ‘postman’, sliding pieces of paper through a crack in the door. Hopefully this time I can write you a letter without getting my finger broken and going to hospital.

The reason we don’t write to each other is unlikely to be linked to this traumatic experience, and more likely because we’ve lived together for 27 years! As I write, you write your letter to me, just a wall separating us. You’ve sent a few WhatsApp’s to me in the time we’ve been writing. Musing over the fact that we’re not sentimental in nature and to put to paper (or screen) our sisterhood bond, is rather bizarre.

Writing it down now, that much time together does seem awfully intense! We must have communicated in some way, every day, since before we were even born. This is part of why, as we always say, people find twins creepy. This sort of thing is why people ask us in all seriousness ‘can you read each other’s minds?’. You always have the best response to this, which is usually something along the lines of ‘no, telepathy and magic don’t exist, but of course you can read the emotions of someone you know almost as well as yourself’.

And that we do! There is never any question when I think of who I know the best, care about the most, laugh with more, share my dreams and ambitions with (literally) and couldn’t live without.


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