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How to make the most of your wedding place cards

How to make the most of your wedding place cards

Most weddings aren’t shy of a grand gesture, but sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact – and carefully considered wedding place cards are a case in point. From hard-working messaging to original designs, we’ve pulled together some ideas to help you choose the perfect wedding place cards for your big day.

Do you need wedding place cards?

Wedding place cards might not be vital to your plan, but they do offer several benefits. In addition to eliminating any confusion about who’s sitting where, named place cards also ensure everyone’s accounted for – making it easy to spot if someone’s missing in action, or if there’s an unexpected face in the room. In turn, they serve as an introduction for your guests. It’s easier to start a conversation when you can address someone by name, after all. If you’re using caterers, be aware that they might request wedding escort cards to display your guests’ meal selections and dietary restrictions, to help them provide a stress-free service.

What to write on them

Besides the name of your guests, you might want your wedding place cards to include a title for anyone over the age of 18. A symbol indicating guests’ meal preferences can be helpful, as can a table number. It doesn’t all have to be practical though, you could write a simple “welcome”, or a succinct reference that connects with your day. It’s worth bearing in mind that, due to their tiny size, wedding place cards can easily look crowded – so choose a font and symbols that are concise, clear, and legible.

When to order them

Unlike many elements within your wedding plan, it’s beneficial to order wedding escort cards closer to the date itself. This allows you to firm up your seating arrangements and wait to receive guest RSVPs before you click to buy – saving time, energy, and cost. Our wedding place cards can be made to order within three days, but we recommend having them complete about a month before your wedding date, to give you peace of mind.


Our favorite design ideas

The design of your wedding escort cards will likely be influenced by the overall style or theme of your venue. It’s worth giving it some thought, as your guests might end up taking theirs home as a memento of the day. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ideas to get you thinking…


For minimal or classic wedding themes, you can’t go wrong with a simple design. A block color that sits in harmony with your theme is effortlessly stylish, as is a clean-lined border or typographic print. Tip: Lots of our in-house designs will help you achieve the look.


If your wedding is outdoors or a bohemian theme, you might opt for a rustic design with foliage, a garland, or wildflowers. You could choose a heavy border, or something as delicate as a single leaf. Try Ciao Chiara, Mother of Pearl or Emma Block.


For something truly original, you could look to Matilda Goad’s playful scallop wedding place cards, or a bold, colorful prints by Matthew Williamson or Hoste by Laura Jackson. With an array of unique designs to choose from, you’ll easily find something to get your guests’ approval.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our wide range of wedding place cards and choose the perfect design for your day.

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