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Why you should send notecards (plus what to write)

Taking the time to hand write a message makes a meaningful difference to so many occasions.

Why you should send notecards (plus what to write)

Notecards are a quick and simple way to send a meaningful, handwritten message. When someone has helped you out, invited you along to an event or sent you a gift, it's tempting to send a quick thank you on your phone. But penning a notecard is just as swift, and much more special. By showing someone that you care enough to take the time to write a note by hand, it makes the sentiment in your message all the more sincere.

Plus, notecards aren’t just for thank you messages. Here are some tips and tricks to help you pen thoughtful messages on a notecard for all sorts of occasions.

Find a notecard to suit your style

Let’s help you pick your perfect notecard. First things first, what do you want your latest paper details to say about you? Perhaps you’ll be sending to friends and family, so are after something playful. Or maybe you’ll be sharing with clients or colleagues, and you want your notecards to feel polished and bespoke.

From simple designs to colorful prints, our notecard can truly be a reflection of you. Simply select your design, then add your name, initials or a favorite phrase for a personal touch. The possibilities are endless, your only challenge will be choosing.


Express your gratitude

Our notecards come with envelopes, and the paper feels thick and extra-special. It turns a few words of thanks into something truly meaningful. Whether it’s saying thanks for a delicious dinner, a little note of appreciation for a special birthday gift or simply saying thank you for being an amazing friend, a little bit of paper goes a long way.

Add a message to a gift

If you come across a magazine or a book you think someone might like, pop it in the post with a little note. Who doesn’t love receiving unexpected presents? (And everyone loves whoever sends them.)

Announce your news in a personal style

Moving house? Getting married? Have a new job? Whatever your life-changing milestone is, big or small, it always carries a little more importance and style when written on your own personalized notecard.

Follow up after a first encounter

Whether it’s a potential lead at work or someone that could help you nail your dream job, following up with a handwritten note could be just the way to show them how much you value personal connection. By taking the time to jot down words with meaning, thoughtful questions or your brightest ideas, they’re sure to see you as someone that notices the little things.


Send greetings from holiday

There's no denying holiday postcards are brilliant. But if you find that the local selection in your destination is not quite to your taste, then having a few notecards on hand is perfect for sending messages to your favorite people. And if you have an instant camera, you could even drop in a few photos of your own into the envelope.

Just to say a little hello

Whether it’s someone you see all the time, or someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, drop a ‘hello’ through their letterbox. It’s easier to say how you really feel, and is a lot more delightful than an alert on their phone screen.

Gift them their very own notecards

For those that love putting pen to paper, there’s no better gift than a box of personalized notecards. Whether you want to say well done for passing exams, congratulate them on launching their own business, or even encourage a faraway friend to stay in touch, gifting our notecards is a great way to make everyday moments feel special. Choose a design that reminds you of them, then add their name, initials, or a meaningful phrase.

These are just a few reasons to send notecards, but once you’ve got your own personalized notecard set, you’ll want to send them for every reason and for no reason at all.

Inspired to send a message? Explore our full notecard collection.

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