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Tips for keeping a travel journal

Get planning, stay present and preserve memories on paper.

Tips for keeping a travel journal

Every vacation you take is filled with unforgettable moments. A travel journal can act as a keepsake of your adventures, filled with the wonderful things you discovered about yourself and the world around you. As you turn the pages of your journal, you can remember the conversations you shared, the sights you saw and everything that shifted your perspective. Before you head off, you can also use the pages to feel organised and prepared.

We’ve gathered some helpful tips and tricks to help you make the most of your travel journal and your time exploring.

Make your travel journal your own

Your journal should feel like your trusty companion on your travels. Pick a design that reflects the kind of traveller you are – will you be taking summer staycations or international adventures? Personalise the cover with your name, then fill out the pages with passport information, health notes and emergency contact details.


Dream of destinations

Sometimes anticipating a vacation can provide a sense of escapism while you’re still at home. Imagine places you’d love to visit and write them down on your travel wishlist. Or, think of experiences you’d love to have – snorkelling on The Great Barrier Reef, walking the Camino de Santiago, camping in Cornwall – and create a travel bucket list. If you’re stuck for ideas, browse social media, flick through magazines or ask friends and family for the favorite places they’ve been.

Start planning

Once you’re ready to plan a trip, think about which destinations you could visit at the same time, how long you have, and what time of year you’d like to go. You may be able to tick off a few places at once, and certain destinations are better to visit depending on the season. Your travel planner is split up into seven journeys, each with pages for everything you need to feel prepared. Planning before you go will give you more time to really be in the moment on your adventure. Start plotting in your transport and accommodation options as you book them, and see your trip come together before your eyes.


Don’t forget the details

Our budget tracker ensures that you’ll be able to do a comprehensive budget before you go, then keep track of things when you’re on the road. Plot out your itinerary, taking care to book any busy tourist destinations if you can, as certain attractions can be busy and you don’t want to miss out. Don’t forget to draft up your packing list, and if you’re not sure what to take, consult our handy guide at the end of your journal.

Take your travel journal with you for the journey

Wherever you go, take your journal with you in your hand luggage. On trains, planes or boats, putting pen to paper can act as a moment of mindfulness, keeping you off screens and in the moment. Writing things down as soon as they happen will help preserve the best memories, and you can also use the fun games section at the back of the journal to pass the time on long journeys.

Unleash your inner artist

As you disconnect from your daily routines and soak up the experiences around you, you may start to feel a little more creative. Your journal has plenty of blank pages for you to fill however you fancy. Take a travel watercolor kit or some pencils to sketch or paint your surroundings, or make memories through the written word, crafting stories or poetry based on the people you meet or places you see.


Make memories

You can use the blank pages of your travel planner as a scrapbook, pasting in travel tickets, photos of new friends or business cards from favorite restaurants. Press flowers you find, or describe your favourite meals. Ask people you meet to write in it or record their contact details for international friends. The pages will become like little moments in time, reminding you of the people you met and the memories you made.

Take time to reflect

Travelling can truly transport you into a different headspace, clearing your mind and making you appreciate the world around you. Use the map at the back to color in the places you’ve been, and reflect on how far you’ve travelled. Make sure you note down any observations you have about your life back home, or any exciting ideas that spring to mind. Think about what you loved most about your time away, and how you can recreate those feelings once you’ve returned. And when you’re home at last, don’t forget to dust off your journal, turn through its pages and remember all the wonderful things you experienced.

Get ready for the next adventure

The best way to beat the post-vacation blues is to start dreaming of your next destination. Don’t forget, a journey can be as simple as a camping weekend with friends, or a road trip close to home. It’s up to you to create your next adventure.

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