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Why all students need a set of Papier list notepads

5 ways to use your new study essential.

Why all students need a set of Papier list notepads

Every good plan starts with a list, which is why as you head off on your big college adventure, packing notepads is a no-brainer. Make a checklist before you go, take down notes in class, and stock up on extra for daily tasks and to-dos. The hardest part will be choosing which designs to pick first.

1. Create a college checklist

From what to pack and take with you to those last-minute purchases, kickstarting your journey with a checklist takes a little pressure off. A list notepad (ours come in sets of three) lets you allocate space to those can’t-forget things – like recommended reads for lectures, kitchenware, bedroom essentials, an endless supply of pasta, and any other homely additions that’ll help you settle in.

2. Take note in classes

Once you’ve arrived at college, to do list notepads can be a great place to jot down ideas on the go, with their small and versatile size making them ideal for throwing in your bag. Take them to lectures without feeling laden down with the weight of a full-sized notebook, or simply on the days when you know sporadic scribbles may be needed.


3. Stay on top of to-dos

With every new semester, there’s a new study schedule to make sense of. A list notepad the perfect place to jot down those tasks, tutorials and lectures you may otherwise forget. From downloading documents to signing up for your chosen society, there’s space for to-dos of any kind. You can personalize each one individually, so you always know which tasks go where.

4. Use for everyday life admin

Your time at college may feel like your first foray into adult life, with a few more responsibilities to remember than back at home. Luckily for you, our to-do list notepads s make a great place to get on top of little weekly chores, like making grocery lists and budgeting your finances.

5. Write ideas for group projects

Sometimes we like to save our fanciest notebooks for just us, so these mini additions make the best space to muse ideas for collaboration. From allocating research tasks to your new course buddies, to reminders of dates you’ll get together to discuss – a dedicated list notepad for each project is a must. Change of plan? Tearaway pages make starting over easy.

Ready, set, LIST! Get prepped for university now with your pick of our latest list notepad designs.

From class notes to shopping lists

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