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Wedding planning tips, with love from RIXO

Best friends behind the London fashion brand share tales of prepping for their big days.

Wedding planning tips, with love from RIXO

The best of friends really can do everything together. Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey studied at university alongside one another, run their London-based label RIXO together and now they’re planning their wedding days simultaneously.

The pair are used to juggling ideas, inspiration and processes when designing their vintage-inspired cult dresses, which have become a go-to for wedding guests. They’ve also spent recent years researching and launching their very first bridal capsule collection in 2021. So who better to engage in conversation with when it comes to planning tips, dresses and all things wedding?

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to anyone who’s about to plan a wedding?
O: Enjoy the process and do it your way.

H: Don’t feel too overwhelmed and try to tackle it all at once, take it bit by bit.

Are you both designing your own dresses, and where did you look for inspiration?
O: I’m designing my own from scratch, it’s been so handy designing this alongside RIXO’s bridal collections as it’s really helped with figuring out what I want. I looked to the past – I’m really inspired by 1930s patterns.

H: I’ve also designed mine. It was such a fun process, I’m so excited to be able to wear it. My mum over the years has bought gorgeous vintage wedding dresses so vintage played a massive part.

Have you shown each other your dresses? Who else had a sneak peek?
O: I’m still designing mine, but I’ll definitely be showing Henrietta, my mum and sisters. I won’t be showing my partner. He’ll have to wait until our wedding day.

H: Orlagh has seen mine! Alongside my mum who I trust implicitly, she’s got great style and helped me source a few vintage dresses that I took inspiration from.

What are the 5 key things you look for in a wedding dress?
O: The fit has to be perfect. It’s definitely worth getting some minor alterations if you need to – it makes the biggest difference. Then it’s about feeling comfortable and confident and looking out for high-quality materials and a flattering shape.

H: It’s tempting to go for something different to what you’d usually wear but one of the things I’ve kept in mind is that you want to feel yourself, comfortable and confident. I think sticking to your own personal style is therefore key with your dress, a flattering fit, beautiful materials and accessories to complement, not overpower.


What are your top tips when it comes to planning the venue, food, music?
Venue: Imagine yourself there on the day and if it fits all your vision then that’s the one.
Food: Choose things you both love.
Music: Use local talent – I’m getting married in Ireland and music is a big part of that culture.

Venue: Try to get something unique to you. I love that I’m getting married in my family home where my fiancé and I first lived together and spent lockdown in. We’ve lots of special memories there and can’t wait to celebrate in the garden!
Food: I’ve gone with Social Pantry, they’re female-founded and we really got on. Plus the food is seasonal and delicious.
Music: Mariachi band!

Have you discovered any wedding hacks? Great ways to save time, excellent resources or must-follow Instagram accounts?
O: It’s been helpful to just sit down and dedicate time to planning different elements. It’s so much easier to just give yourself a couple of hours to get through it, rather than letting it take over other things you’re trying to get on with. There are some great bridal sites like Over the Moon that have lots of inspiration.

H: I’ve found word of mouth the biggest way to save time – it’s been a lifesaver asking people I know for their top tips. Also having hosted many RIXO events we’ve a little black book of florists, makeup artists, etc. so that’s come in handy.

What’s the biggest, unexpected challenge you’ve both stumbled across when planning your weddings?
O: I didn’t realize how booked up everything would be in advance, after all the cancellations the past few years with the pandemic. This summer is the summer of weddings!

H: Seating plans! We do this all the time with events, so I’m used to it, but I was surprised by how time consuming this was.

How do you feel about dress codes? Have you given one to your guests for the day?
O: I haven’t given a dress code for mine. I know my friends and family will dress up anyway.

H: Me neither, but as my wedding is in the summer, I imagine everyone will be in gorgeous RIXO summer dresses!

If your bridesmaid dresses were a piece of Papier stationery, which would they be?
O: Flowerbed
H: Full of Heart

Rixo London

How did you go about choosing your wedding stationery? Any words of wisdom to share?
O: I designed my own by painting it with watercolors, which has made it feel even more personal. I think being able to add little touches that make it feel that bit more special is lovely.

H: I painted all the elements for my invitations, menus and stationery with my little nieces so the invites had illustrations and paintings of the church we’ll get married in and my parents’ house for the reception.

Has paper played a part in helping plan your special days?
O: Yes, I love to visualize everything and have it in front of me.

H: That’s the same with me, it helps me feel organized.

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